Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty in Pink collection

Hi everyone here is the newly launched Pretty in pink collection of embellishment - 
Use it for any card / scrap booking / crafting project and u will love it ! :) 
Here are a few types of handmade Flowers 
and Butterflies available on sale
Everything is handcrafted by lovely crafters of Lightbox creative ideas.
so without further due take a look at the products - 


*Caution - picture heavy post :) *

Glossy pink flowers
 Easy to handle glossy pink flowers with yellow rhinestone 

 There will be Six in a pack - 
India -Rs. 20 per pack 
International- $ 1.99 per pack

Patterned paper flowers 

Another set of super lovely pink n yellow abstract design paper flowers 

It again holds a rhinestone in the center 
Cost -
India -Rs. 20 per pack 
International- $ 1.99 per pack

 Layered Butterfly 

For all your scrap booking and card making projects 
this is one of the best selling item from our shop (yes already!!)

Cost -
India -Rs. 5 per piece 
International- $ 0.49 per piece

Sequin flowers 

 If ur into Bling - but a subtle one ... 
then this is your product ! 
 The whole flower is totally hand stitched and attached together... 
its got sequin and pipes with round balls in center 
There are 6 flowers in a pack

Cost -
India -Rs. 25 per pack 

 International- $ 1.99 per pack

PS. - there are more items to join this list , soon .... so keep ur eyes open and wallets near ! 
God bless 

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