Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cards, Tags, scrapbooks for SALE

Hi guys !
Now u can buy my creations online.
I will also take orders for customized Greeting cards
 wedding invites , Wedding favors, Tags, 
Handmade albums, Scrapbooks

Here are a few cards and handmade objects on sale
Kindly note the Product code -
*Pls note that Shipping is extra *
*Any of the already sold cards can be made again on req *

Product code -  LBCI-C0058 (Email for price)
Set of Indian wedding invites

Product code -  LBCI-C0057 (Rs 300 )
 A criss cross christmas card  

Product code -  LBCI-C0056 (Rs 300)
A dutch fold Card - Congratulations theme
Product code -  LBCI-C0055 (Rs 400)*SOLD*
A sixty first birthday card 
Product code -  LBCI-C0054 (Rs200)
Fall in love insides can say "with me" 
fit for a proposal
Product code -  LBCI-C0053 (Rs 300)
 An anniversary card !

Product code -  LBCI-C0052 (Rs 150)
A generic card - can be used for any occasion !

Product code -  LBCI-C0051  (Rs 180)
An embossed heart card - Fit for your loved ones !

Product code -  LBCI-C0050 (Rs200)
Back to school card - A card fit for a teacher or school going child. 
I love this card die by sizzix it just cuts out the cards so perfectly! Its the
Product code -  LBCI-C0049 (Rs 300)
Tilda birthday card

Product code -  LBCI-C0048 (Rs250) *SOLD*
Floral Birthday card

Product code -  LBCI-C0047 (Rs 350)
A couple's card 
Ideal for a wedding , anniversary , for a couple who is expecting, 
Or from one spouse to another.
Product code -  LBCI-C0046 (Rs200) *Gifted*
A clean and simple Thankyou card 

Product code -  LBCI-C0045 (Rs 200) *SOLD*
A Birthday card for someone 58 yr old

  Product code -  LBCI-C0044 (Rs 200)
Another generic card - can be used for any occasion ! 

  Product code -  LBCI-C0043 (Rs.200)
 an all white card "Quotes of peace"

 Product code -  LBCI-C0042 (Rs.300)*SOLD*
A center step card 

 Product code -  LBCI-C0041 (Price on request)
  A custom made 14 page , Word album (MOM) 
Find more about the inside of the album here 

 Product code -  LBCI-C0040 (Rs 200)
A clean and simple card with embossing 
Its a generic card and can be used for any occasion

Product code -  LBCI-C0039 (Rs 50)
Gift tag 

 Product code -  LBCI-C0038 (Rs 300)
Love you - a Flip it card for your loved one 

 Product code -  LBCI-C0037 (Rs 300) *Gifted*
A fresh birthday card for your mom !

 Product code -  LBCI-C0036 (Rs 350)
A generic card can be used for any occasion 
 Product code -  LBCI-C0035 (Rs 50 per tag)
Handmade wedding favors Tags (made on order)
(On a bulk order like the above we offer discounted prices)

 Product code -  LBCI-C0034 (Rs 50)
A Birthday Gift Tag 

 Product code -  LBCI-C0033 (Rs 200)
A masculine card - Bon voyage (for someone traveling away)

 Product code -  LBCI-C0032 (Rs 180)
A clean and simple birthday card

 Product code -  LBCI-C0031 *Gifted*
Masculine Birthday card (theme - Sea)

 Product code -  LBCI-C0030 (Rs 350)

Product code -  LBCI-C0029 (Rs 300) *SOLD*
With loving thoughts - generic card 

Product code -  LBCI-C0028 (Rs 80)
cupcake shaped Birthday card

Product code -  LBCI-C0027 (Rs 400) *SOLD*
Custom made scrapbook style card size - 8*8

Product code -  LBCI-C0026 (Rs 200)*SOLD*
Birthday card

Product code -  LBCI-C0025 (Rs 200)
Thankyou card

Product code -  LBCI-C0024 (Rs 200)*SOLD*
Thinking of you card
Product code -  LBCI-C0023 (Rs 250)
Life cycle - You and me .... Lets ride 
Product code -  LBCI-C0022 (Rs 250) *SOLD*
Masculine Birthday card  

Product code -  LBCI-C0021 (Rs 200)
Thinking of u !  best way to let someone know that u care :) 

Product code -  LBCI-C0020 (Rs 200)
Miss u card (4 ur sweetheart) 

Product code -  LBCI-C0019 (Rs 300)
A generic card - can be used for any occasion .
Card type - step card.


Product code -  LBCI-C0018 (Rs 300)*SOLD*
Birthday wishes 

Product code -  LBCI-C0017 (Rs 200)*SOLD*
Special Birthday wishes 

Product code -  LBCI-C0016 (Rs 300) *SOLD*
 Happy anniversary - 32 yrs

Product code -  LBCI-C0015 ($3.50 / Rs.180) 

Christmas card 

Product code -  LBCI-C0014 (Rs 200) 
Joy of Christmas !

Product code -  LBCI-C0013 ($3 / Rs.150) *SOLD*

All occasion card !
A card fit for any occasion. 

Product code -  LBCI-C0012  (Rs.300) *SOLD*

Product code -  LBCI-C0011 (Rs 200)
Christmas card
*Winner of a card Challenge *

Product code -  LBCI-C0010 ($ 4.00 / Rs.140)  *SOLD*
Rakhi wishes

Product code -  LBCI-C009 ($3.00 / Rs.150) 
Looking for the perfect Garden of love? 

Product code -  LBCI-C008 ($3.00 / Rs.150)

A Semi circle shaped card 

Product code -  LBCI-C007 ($3.00 / Rs.200)

Le jardin 

Stamped using Prima stamps and the Butterfly garden collection by pink paislee 

 LBCI blue ribbon and itsy bitsy Hand crafted flower with LBCI hat pins! 

A timeless piece in black n white 

Product code -  LBCI-C006 ($3.00 / Rs.150)

Product code -  LBCI-C005 ($3.00 / Rs.150) *SOLD*

Product code -  LBCI-C004 ($2.30 / Rs.100) *SOLD*

Birthday Card

Suede ribbon with hat pins (Handmade) and metal butterfly

Product code -  LBCI-C003 ($2 / Rs.100) *SOLD*

Birthday wishes 

Product code -  LBCI-C002 ( $4  / Rs. 200)

A dream 

Product code -  LBCI-C001 ( $5 / Rs. 260) *SOLD*

A love card 

Inside of the card

Closer look @ the Tag and the central elements

NOTETo buy pls email the product code to . 
If you wish to get a customized card / visiting card / wedding or party invite / ATC's 
u may email the requirements to the above email address. 
we ship world wide.
Shipping : India - a flat rate of Rs100 
International - On actual. 
All items are shipped via Indian Speed post or DTDC

*we only accept online money transfer to our bank acc.and cash deposits *
Thankyou ! 


  1. hii pooja,
    nice all ur card...its very beautiful...i m a new follower to ur blog...cheers..